Send A File

Thanks to the convenience of our online file transfer module, there's no need to make special trips to our store just to deliver a disk. You can easily send a file from your computer to ours in a matter of minutes. It doesn't matter what computer platform you use, or whether you use a dial-up modem, DSL, ISDN or Cable modem.

We encourage you to use one of the popular file compression programs before uploading us a file. The most popular program for the Macintosh is Aladdin's Stuffit or Stuffit Lite. For Windows 95/98/2000 or NT the standard is WinZip. Both Stuffit Lite and WinZip are shareware programs which can be downloaded from a link on our website. If you go to our Resources & Support Tab, then Software Downloads, pick which computer platform you are using, then go to Utilities.

On the Macintosh, go to the Aladdin website. Stuffit Lite is shareware and is very easy to use.

On the PC side, download WinZip. You should have this on your computer even if you don't send us many files.

If you have any problems downloading or running the compression software, please feel free to give Jennifer or Nate a call (260) 493-3844 to step you through it.

Just click on the button below, fill out the form, click send, and we'll send you an e-mail to confirm that we've received it. It's that easy.

Please provide information about the file you are sending. Include what application you used to create the file.

Click on the "Browse" button below to select a file on your computer. After you've selected the file, click the "Send File" to transfer your file to us. Please use WinZip or DropStuff to compress the file before you send it. If you do not have compression software installed, visit the Software Downloads area in Resources & Support for additional information.