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Craig Dellinger

Craig  Dellinger



I started working for the Allen County Times and New Haven Printing while in High School in 1976. I had to learn the whole industry from hand setting letterpress type to typesetting on the old fashioned typesetting machines, newspaper design, photography, shooting film, making plates, running presses and various bindery functions. I was having all this fun while going to college full time earning degrees in Electronic Communications and Industrial Electronics.
In 1982 the original New Haven Printing was purchased by an out-of-town company and I decided to leave. Jack offered me a job at the "other" print shop in town and we hit it off. The "old" New Haven Printing didn't last very long, so we changed Jack's "Budget Print" name to New Haven Print & Copy soon afterwards. After I graduated, I considered changing careers to an electrical engineering position, but I decided to make printing and printshop ownership my lifetime goal.
It has been a challenging, and fun career. In addition to supervisory and management responsibilities, I have to keep the shop at the forefront of current technology. We have a great group of employees and I enjoy coming to work (most days). I have been happily married to my beautiful wife Jane for 24 years and we have a 20 year old son named Danny. My free time is kept busy with family time, golfing, cheering for Indiana University and the Pacers, community service and enjoying time with best friends.